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Mark Form

Score Form

AAPalm provides fast accurate sight settings for any archer using a sliding sight.  It works equally well for both recurve and compound bows.  Supports up to eight bows.  Provides the following sight setting functions:

Provides Sight Settings for Ranges Marked in Yards

Provides Sight Settings for Ranges Marked in Feet

Provides Sight Settings for Ranges Marked in Meters

Can be sighted in using to Ranges marked in Yards or Meters

Adjusts accurately for Uphill & Downhill Shots

The Score Form displays a Target, Arrow Holes & Scoring Information.  It provides the following functions:

Keeps Score for a variety of scoring rounds

Counts X's

Tracks Arrow Holes, by Arrow Number for up to 6 Arrows per End

If you have no interest in using AAPalm to set your sights, you might consider TargetPlot for advanced performance tracking capabilities.

Round Form

Select Arrow Form

Sets up AAPalm for the desired shooting Round. Allows you to assign Arrow Numbers to each shaft you shoot per end.  Also allows you to specify the number of arrows per end for non-standard shooting rounds.

Build Arrow Form

Build Arrow Form

Automatically calculates Arrow Weight & Arrow Diameter from various Shaft Manufacturers. Allows you to specify component specs to allow AAPalm to accurately calculate Total Arrow Weight.

Download AAPalm User's Guide For Additional Info