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Scaled Targets

The Scaled Targets Form allows you to print NFAA/IFAA, FITA and Vegas Targets in a variety of formats.


True To Scale:  If you set both Reference Range and Practice Range to the same value, Archer's Advantage will print targets true to scale.  Any portion of the target that does not fit on the page is simply cropped to fit the page.


Scaled To Range:  If you set the Practice Range to a value less than the Reference Range that the target is nominally shot at, the Archer's Advantage will scale the target proportionally.  The scaled target is an accurate representation of how you would look if the target were at its nominal range.  However, if you simply shot at a proportionally scaled target, the resulting score would not be an accurate reflection of your expected score at the nominal range.  Because of this, Archer's Advantage also, optionally, prints Dashed Scoring Rings to allow for more accurate scoring at short ranges.  Note that if you choose, too short a range, the program will not display Dashed Scoring Rings due to the fact that the dashed lines can end up showing up in the wrong color ring creating significant confusion.


Number Of Targets:  Archer's Advantage allows you to Print 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8. 9 or 12 Targets per Page.