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Uphill - Downhill

This Tab shows you how to adjust for Uphill/Downhill shots. You can select any range between 1 and 100 yards/meters and any angle between -80 Degrees and +80 Degrees.

When you select a range or angle, Archer's Advantage performs a complex set of calculations to determine the effects of the uphill/downhill angle on your arrow drop. At most ranges and angles you take off for both uphill & downhill shots. However, at longer ranges with a shallow uphill angle, you may need to add a little for uphill shots. You can read a detailed explanation of how Archer's Advantage derives the proper sight setting for Uphill/Downhill shots at the Here.



Opti-Logic makes an outstanding Rangefinder that incorporates Uphill/Downhill range compensation similar to Archer's Advantage. 

You might consider this rangefinder to ensure the most accurate shots possible in Field Conditions.