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"Archers Advantage has been a key part of my arsenal for nearly 15 years now and although I've made many changes to my equipment, one thing remains constant. The consistency and reliability I get from Archers Advantage has help propel me to the top of the podium many times! Archers Advantage, I won't go the field without it!"
Dave Cousins - Professional Archer, World Record Holder, World Champion and Bowhunter.
"Without Archers Advantage your sight marks are not good enough! There is a reason why most World Champions use this program, it's quick, accurate and will never let you down. When 1/2 a yard is the difference between winning and losing a World Championship you need complete faith your marks are perfect...you won't find that with a pencil!"
Chris White - FITA World Field Champion
"Archer's Advantage is the only program we trust. With our busy schedule, we need something quick and easy. We just enter a few measurements, print out the sight tape, and go to the range knowing that our marks are perfect."
Ginger & Jesse Morehead - 20 World Archery Titles Combined
"Archer's Advantage is an excellent tool that I have used for many years.  The sight tapes are invaluable to me in field shooting.  The ability to store bow setups and arrow configurations makes replicating performance that much easier.  I highly recommend Archer's Advantage!"
Jamie Van Natta - Former World Ranked #1 Female Compound Archer
"I trust Archers Advantage when I need the precision of a sight tape down to the click or some arrow setup assistance. Archers Advantage gives me the edge I need to not only compete but to be a top level shooter."
Logan Wilde - 2009 World Champion
"Archer's Advantage makes my life so much easier. I dial in 2 sight marks and Archer's Advantage gives me all the other marks, and they are perfect! Thanks Perry for a great product."
Rodger Willett, Jr. - First compound archer EVER to win THREE World Cup Stages
"As a highly competitive 3D and Target archer, I feel like my equipment has to be 100% perfect. To leave anything to chance would be giving my competition an edge. I only trust my sight marks, short range conversions, and arrow selection to Archers Advantage program. I have used it for years and it has never let me down."
Tony Tazza - 2-Time Hoyt National Champion Team

Key Features ...

used by many Professional and Amateur archers win World Championships & set World Records.
routines that allow you to optimize your shaft for Target
or Hunting needs. This shaft selection software supports
all major Arrow Shaft Manufacturers.
adjustments with unmatched accuracy.
Provides graphical display of Arrow Trajectory.
Provides a Spine Converter routine.
Over 30 World Champions rely on Archer's Advantage for their sight settings. The sight on the right shows a typical Archer's Advantage Sight Tape while the sight on the left shows a set of penciled in marks.

Who do you think has the edge?

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