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Setup - Sight Configuration

Archer's Advantage needs to scale printed sight tapes based on the Type Of Sight you are using, how far out your sight is extended and how high your peep sight is located at full draw. You can select from a number of Manufacturer sights available in the Archer's Advantage database or select Metric or Inch Scales for those that wish to measure Pin Gaps using a Pair Of Calipers.

Scale Type

Several Sights are specifically listed in the Archer's Advantage Database. When you select one of these sights, Archer's Advantage can properly scale Sight Settings derived from these sights when calculating arrow speed. If you have a sight that is not specifically listed and it has a pre-printed scale attached, then you must determine if it has a scale that is supported by Archer's Advantage. Scale Types are generally defined by two parameters, Number Of Marks Per Inch and Number Of Clicks Per Turn.

For example: All Sure Loc Target Sights have exactly 24 Marks Per Inch and 20 Clicks Per Turn. Under this definition, you could select generic Scale Type 24 Turn by 20 Click (or Simply Select Sure Loc).

Archer's Advantage supports Scales that have 24 Marks Per Inch, 32 Marks Per Inch and 25.4 (Metric) Marks Per Inch. 

If your sight is not listed in the Archer's Advantage Database and meets the above criteria, you can select that Scale Type from the Drop Down List and use read your sight settings from the Manufacturer's Supplied Scale.

If your sight does not have a Manufacturer's Supplied Scale or has an incompatible scale, you can print out a Calibrated Scale under the Print Tab of the Main Form and attach the scale to your sight. If you have access to a pair of calipers, you can alternatively read your sight settings by measuring Pin Gap between your sight settings.

Sight Length

Sight Length is measured at Full Draw from your Peep Sight to your Aperture/Scope to the nearest 1/4". If you do not use a Peep Sight, measure your Sight Length from your Aiming Eye to your Aperture/Scope.

Peep Height

Measure Peep Height from the center of your Peep, at full draw, straight down to the center of your arrow shaft to the nearest 1/4". If you do not use a Peep Sight, measure the distance between your aiming eye and the center of the Arrow Shaft.

Over 30 World Champions rely on Archer's Advantage for their sight settings. The sight on the right shows a typical Archer's Advantage Sight Tape while the sight on the left shows a set of penciled in marks.

Who do you think has the edge?

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