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Sight Tape Tutorial
Top Level Flow

Enter Arrow Configuration

The Arrow Configuration Tab on the Main Form provides you with the ability to define your arrow so the program can accurately calculate Arrow Weight and Arrow Drag. Both of these factors are important for generating accurate sight settings.

Enter Sight Configuration

Archer's Advantage needs to scale printed sight tapes based on the Type Of Sight you are using, how far out your sight is extended and how high your peep sight is located at full draw. You can select from a number of Manufacturer sights available in the Archer's Advantage database or select Metric or Inch Scales for those that wish to measure Pin Gaps using a Pair Of Calipers.

Sight In

There are three methods for sighting Archer's Advantage in for printing Sight Tapes. The Calculate Speed Method is the most accurate method and the only one that should be relied on for Long Range Shooting typical of FITA and Field Ranges.

  • Calculate Speed
  • Chronograph Speed
  • Build Bow Speed

Print Sight Tape

You can print Sight Tapes by selecting the Print Tab, selecting the appropriate Option Button and Clicking the Print Button.

Over 30 World Champions rely on Archer's Advantage for their sight settings. The sight on the right shows a typical Archer's Advantage Sight Tape while the sight on the left shows a set of penciled in marks.

Who do you think has the edge?

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